What is a Bodyslide?

review by Odes of Horace

This was a one hour trip down memory lane with two massage parlor professionals.

The early and mid 1980s were the high tide of massage parlor activity in the Detroit area, at least as I recall. I was a regular attendee at a few of them, chiefly those along Woodward Avenue in Ferndale and Royal Oak. They had a lot going for them - almost always open, generally a good selection of girls and the appropriate amount of good-natured tawdriness and casual eroticism to give a visit that extra edge.

I had been intrigued by the term "bodyslide" since I first encountered it on this board. Since I had done a very satisfying massage session with Tawney in the past and she was one of the two girls with whom I would be dealing, there seemed to be very little possible downside to finding out just what a bodyslide involved.

Tawney and Elizabeth met me at the door of their incall location dressed in revealing red Santa's helpers outfits and boots which got the appointment off to an excellent start.

What a bodyslide is not: It is not Full Service. It is not a BJ, either C or BB. It is not DFK. With that out of the way, an attempt at a definition or at least description. A bodyslide involves two women - in this case naked except for their boots and, in one case, a ribbon choker (my choice for them to keep the boots on). It also involves a lot of baby oil. It begins with a basic but quite lovely sensual massage, although the whole is much greater than the sum of the parts. Two is more than twice as nice as one.

For those who share my proclivities - a love of being pampered, of being aroused slowly, of being teased, all while relaxing as others do the work - this part of the session is wonderful. But it isn't yet the main event, just the necessary preliminaries.

What follows involves both of the girls getting covered with baby oil as they slide their bodies along ones own, generally from bottom to top although other are available. It resembles the oddly named "Russian", although this would be a Russian times 10. Or 100. Or more. That two girls were using their entire bodies as instruments of providing pleasure only heightened the feeling. It seemed that every part of me was in contact with female flesh for the entire time I had paid for.

It was, for me, a most intense experience - since both girls are skilled practitioners, they were able to tease me to the point of climax a few times, so that the pleasure of anticipation was almost (but not really) painful. An extremely pleasurable pain.

Not sure if anything else (those services I listed above as what a bodyslide is not) are on the menu, since this was exactly what I wanted.

Highly recommended, especially for those wishing to recapture the heady days of our youth that is gone forever or those who want something a bit different.

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